Lewis Roca Rothgerber Federal Litigator West Allen Warns Sequestration Could Give Rise to "Constitutional Crisis"

Lewis Roca Rothgerber Partner West Allen testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Bankruptcy and the Courts on the lasting damage inadequate funding could have on U.S. Courts and our country’s system of justice. In his testimony on July 23, Allen warned that the “impact of sequestration on the federal courts has the potential to give rise to a Constitutional crisis” – a prediction now playing out in American politics as the government shutdown continues.

“Quite simply, the excellence of the federal judiciary is at risk,” Allen said in his testimony. “Restoration of funding for our federal courts to sustainable levels is essential to the provision of services that the public needs and deserves, and to the effective and responsible stewardship of our courts' Constitutional role.”

Allen was the only private practicing lawyer asked to testify on behalf of the private sector and The People. His testimony discussed the impact a government shutdown would have on federal courts, individuals and businesses, public safety, and federal defender representation.

Appealing to Congressional duty, Allen testified: “…for every taxpayer dollar, only two-tenths of one penny goes towards funding an entire branch of our federal government. Those fractions of a penny fund an American Judiciary that is the gold standard to the world. Without question, our federal courts are doing more with less, but will be unable to meet the gold standard without relief.”

Allen, a federal litigator, has extensive experience representing clients in U.S. federal courts. He serves on the Board of Directors and as current Chair of the Government Relations Committee for the National Federal Bar Association, where he regularly works with federal courts, judges, members of Congress, and lawyers across the country on federal court issues. For many years, he participated on the U.S. District Court District of Nevada Local Rules Civil Subcommittee.

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