3D Printing Industry team launched by Lewis Roca Rothgerber

PHOENIX, – Building on the firm’s experience representing clients across the spectrum of intellectual property, government regulations and litigation, Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP announces formation of its 3D Printing Industry Team.

Still in its infancy in terms of future uses, 3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) and 3D bioprinting continue growing at a rapid pace as the technology advances and costs are reduced, as evidenced by numerous innovations and applications in research laboratories, manufacturing plants, consumer products and beyond.

“In just a few short years we’ve seen many applications of 3D printing that are quickly moving from prototyping to production. As the technology evolves, it’s becoming more and more evident that 3D printing and 3D bioprinting stand to impact numerous branches of the law,” said Michael McCue, co-leader of the Intellectual Property practice group at Lewis Roca Rothgerber.

“Patent law, copyright law, trademark law, import/export law, product liability law, medical malpractice, medical regulations, defense regulations and international trade are just a few of the legal areas that stand to be affected by the continuing development of 3D printing technology,” added Jacek Wnuk, an Intellectual Property attorney in the firm’s Silicon Valley office.

Lewis Roca Rothgerber attorneys are experienced in identifying, securing and protecting intellectual property rights, working with individuals, organizations and companies throughout the country and the world to successfully and cost-effectively guide clients through the complex issues for a competitive advantage.

Members of Lewis Roca Rothgerber’s 3D printing industry team include:

  •     Michael McCue
  •     Emily Bayton
  •     Tam Pham
  •     Jeffrey Albright
  •     Sean Garrison
  •     Phillip Shinn
  •     Mark Davidson
  •     Mary Ellen Simonson
  •     Jacek Wnuk
  •     Takashi Hashimoto
  •     Matthew Park
  •     Brent Rasmussen
  •     Thomas Nguyen
  •     Clara Chiu
  •     Aaron Johnson
  •     Kyle Siegal
  •     Nathaniel Edwards
  •     Bruce Cassity
  •     Robert Rapp