Entitlement Process for Siting Solar Power Facilities
December 2009

The siting of solar generating facilities requires approval from numerous governmental agencies. The Arizona Corporation Commission must approve large solar thermal facilities (above 100 megawatts) pursuant to the Arizona siting law process. Recently, this process has focused on the siting of solar generation and the transmission lines necessary for such projects. Several projects, including the Solana generating facility, the Starwood solar facility and the Agua Caliente solar facility have successfully completed that process. It is anticipated that many more solar projects and transmission projects connecting renewable projects to the transmission grid will go through this process in the near future. In addition to this formal state siting process, a solar facility must seek local zoning approvals and, depending on the site, approvals from the Arizona State Land Department, the Bureau of Land Management, Arizona Department of Water Resources, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and other agencies.

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