Letting More Sun Shine In: Expanding Renewable Energy in Nevada
September 2008

    Nevada has made significant progress in the area of renewable energy as demonstrated by such projects as the 64 megawatt Nevada Solar One installation in Boulder City and the Nellis Air Force Base SolarStar PV Facility.  However, for Nevada to fulfill its potential to use solar energy, renewable energy systems must become more widely available. Given the concerns about finding alternative energy sources, one might reasonably expect that legal impediments, perceived or real, to the development of renewable energy projects, large or small, would be removed at the speed of (sun)light. But, it hasn't been quite that simple.

Schools want to go "green"

    Our story begins with a modest undertaking that one would have thought couldn't possibly generate controversy. The Associate Superintendent of the Clark County School District ("CCSD"), Paul Gerner, had a very bright idea; wouldn't it be great if we could install solar panels on rooftops of our schools, generate energy and save the taxpayers money? So, Mr. Gerner journeyed to Carson City in 2007 to present his idea to the Legislature. After a lukewarm reception and more resistance than he ever imagined, Senate Bill 437 passed which authorized the Renewable Energy School Pilot Program (the "Program"). NRS 701B.350.

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