Arizona Government Relations

Actively involved in the politics, policies, and regulations that impact Arizona business.

Our Arizona Government Relations Group is active at all levels of government, from the Capitol to City Hall to the federal government – we know the inner workings of the legislature and the agencies that regulate your business.

Our experienced attorneys and lobbyists have been actively involved with some of the biggest legislative initiatives and economic development projects in Arizona. This group knows politics, policy-making and the complexities of working with the Arizona Legislature.

The strength of our team comes from our in-depth understanding of the legislative process and the need to build relationships with the Legislative Branch, and the Executive Branch. While building these relationships, we actively collaborate with agency staff, and other stakeholders involved in the implementation of legislation to help our clients achieve their goals.

We also understand the procedures and regulations of the state and federal agencies and how to maneuver through those systems. This experience turns your questions into answers and helps change what can be a confusing set of rules into compliance success.

But, for our clients, we do more than just help develop policy and advocate or oppose the passage of laws and rules. Our work begins with understanding your business and how your compliance obligations impact your operations. Equipped with this information, we use our knowledge and expertise to identify solutions and strategies that help you to achieve your goals. We know that realizing your objectives means that we need to work with you to develop a plan achieve your business objectives. To get there, we will draw upon our expertise to work with the people who regulate your business in areas such as:

  • Banking
  • Education
  • Energy, Utilities including Renewable Energy
  • Environmental, Natural Resources and Public Lands
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Land Use and Zoning
  • Real Estate Acquisition, Entitlement, and Development
  • Mining
  • Securities
  • Tribal Affairs

Our Arizona business and regulatory experts help with licensing, compliance and enforcement issues that impact your business and daily operations. We represent clients before federal, state, county and municipal administrative agencies with specialized experience in:

  • Legislative advocacy and bill drafting
  • Agency licensing, investigations and hearings
  • Alternative energy and efficiency
  • Business permitting, licensing and zoning
  • Environmental permits and investigations
  • Government procurement
  • Health professional licensing
  • Liquor licensing
  • Natural resources
  • Open meeting law requirements and board governance
  • Real estate acquisition and permitting
  • Review and interpretation of local ordinances
  • Rezoning, general plan amendments, and land use entitlements before various municipalities
  • Tribal clean energy development
  • Water rights

Business Transactions

Bryant D. Barber
Bryant D. Barber
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Michael J. Phalen
Michael J. Phalen
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Heidi K. Short
Heidi K. Short
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Regulatory & Government

Carla A. Consoli
Carla A. Consoli
Practice Group Leader, Partner
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Gregory Y. Harris
Gregory Y. Harris
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Steven T. Moortel
Steven T. Moortel
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Gregory Y. Harris
Gregory Y. Harris