Our legal rapid response attorneys are ready to respond to our clients’ COVID-19 legal inquiries and concerns about how this could impact their business. Our attorneys can address any issues you may have across a variety of areas including:

Litigation and Employment

As developments arise, our Litigation and Employment attorneys are ready to respond to your needs. They are well versed in issues such as:

  • Employment policies and obligations
  • HIPPA, data security and privacy concerns
  • Insurance coverage
  • Contract disputes and business interruption litigation
  • Premises liability
  • Crisis management
  • Bankruptcy issues, including debtor protections and creditors' rights
  • Personal tort litigation

Business Transactions

Our Business Transactions team is available to answer questions about existing and upcoming matters or deals that could be disrupted by COVID-19 protocols. For example:

  • Material adverse change or effect clauses
  • Disclosures -- ’34 Act reporting in MD&A or similar disclosures
  • Force Majeure clauses and notice requirements
  • Construction and development delays
  • Staffing / employment contracts / rights
  • Deal flow disruptions and repricing

Regulatory & Government

In an emergency, government and regulatory issues can emerge quickly. Our regulatory and government attorneys and professionals are continually monitoring these changes and can help answer any questions or address any issues you may have during this evolving environment.

  • Contingency planning to ensure continuity of services, protection of employees and the public
  • Compliance continuation to ensure integrity of environmental protective equipment and policies amid changes to available personnel due to illness and leave
  • Regulatory changes and updates as governmental agencies respond to crises

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a major component of many businesses. Our IP attorneys have long-established relationships with foreign firms in countries around the world and can not only address our clients’ domestic IP matters, but their international IP management issues. If you have any questions regarding the continued operation or future operation of your IP needs, please reach out to our IP Group.



Bob McKirgan
Practice Group Co-Leader

Jessica Fuller
Practice Group Co-Leader

Amy Altshuler
Practice Group Leader
Business Transactions

Tom Daly
Co-Practice Group Leader
Intellectual Property

Art Hasan
Co-Practice Group Leader
Intellectual Property

Carla Consoli
Practice Group Leader
Regulatory & Government