Client Service

Discover Experience Amplified

Our clients tell us that working with Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie is a unique – and uniquely positive – experience. They appreciate how we anticipate their needs, acting as a strategic partner and advisor. They know that we will keep them updated every step of the way, avoiding surprises and building trust. It’s a seamless, easy experience. It’s Experience Amplified, built on six Principles:

1. Rigorous Immersion
We are in the trenches with you. By immersing ourselves in your industry, business, and matter, we solve your problems and anticipate the ones that lie ahead.

2. Inspired Strategy
We thrive on collaboration. We believe that by coming together, we discover innovative strategic solutions and reach better results.

3. Seamless Orchestration
We work as one team. Armed with a deep understanding of you and your matter, we are prepared to serve you consistently and exceptionally.

4. Absolute Transparency
You don’t like surprises. We don’t either. Whether it’s tackling a tough conversation head on or proactively discussing a budget, we work to anticipate your needs so you’re informed every step of the way.

5. Vigilant Guidance
We are always at the ready. To keep engagements running smoothly, your dedicated relationship manager prioritizes your time and resources, ensuring both are maximized.

6. Bespoke Partnership
We work one way: your way. From the start, we tailor communications and interactions to when, where, and how you prefer.