Colorado Springs: Lunch With a Lawyer - January 26, 2015

Colorado Springs: Lunch With a Lawyer (2015 Series) 

Due to the popularity of our "Lunch with a Lawyer" series in the past, as well as our newly-remodeled offices that now provide us with more room for these events, we have re-instituted the "Lunch with a Lawyer" series at no cost for the Colorado Springs area.

January 29: Internships – Paid or Unpaid?
Discussion Leader: Ian Speir

Both for-profit and not-for-profit employers are increasingly relying on the use of interns to address the needs of their organizations. Internships, whether paid or unpaid, can be a significant benefit to the intern, who gains valuable experience in his or her profession, as well as to the organization. However, the Department of Labor has promulgated guidance regarding what constitutes an internship and employers should be aware of these factors before hiring or engaging an intern.
Ian will explain the “six-factor” test for both for-profits and not-for-profits and will also give some practical guidance regarding the development of internship programs.

We provide the lunch, you provide the questions. This luncheon is designed to allow you to ask questions of one of our attorneys who has done extensive work or research in a particular area. It is designed for business owners and managers, human resources managers, finance managers, and others who work in decision-making or support roles in your organization.

Time: 12:00 – 1:00 pm – Lunch will be available beginning at 11:45 am.

Location: 90 South Cascade Avenue, Suite 1100, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

We expect these luncheons to fill up quickly, so please register by January 26 by emailing Amy Lappas at