Denver: Redeeming Law

Lewis Roca Rothgerber's Denver office will host, "Redeeming Law," presented by the Denver Institute for Faith & Work. Partner Eric Hall will present, "Renewed Practices for the Christian Lawyer," and associate David Hyams is a member of the event's organizing team.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014
6:30PMK - 9:00PM

Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP
Tabor Center
1200 Seventeenth Street, 39th Floor
Denver, CO 80202

Join us on Tuesday, February 25 for the faith and law forum. Michael Schutt, author of Redeeming Law: Christian Calling and the Legal Profession (IVP Academic, 2007) and Director of the Institute for Christian Legal Studies at Regent University, will discuss the “The Lord of Heaven and Earth” its practical implications for a wide range of legal practices today. Immediately following his presentation will be time for small group discussion, a panel discussion on “Renewed Practices for the Christian Lawyer,” and a special presentation on “Access to Justice.”

*CLE credits will be awarded for participants.

Panel Discussion: “Renewed Practices for the Christian Lawyer”

7:55PM - 8:25PM

What kinds of counter-cultural practices are called for from Christian lawyers? This panel discussion explores the practical action steps that can be taken by both catholic and evangelical lawyers committed to serving God through their vocations.

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Denver Institute for Faith & Work is a Christian, educational nonprofit based in Denver, Colorado. It was launched in late 2012 for two main reasons. First, Christians spend the majority of their waking hours at work, yet many struggle to integrate the two worlds of faith and work. Though God calls most believers to secular work, many are mired in the sacred/secular divide or isolated from other believers in their field. Still others believe that faith is exclusively a private affair that has little to do with the worlds of technology, business, education – where we work. Yet we believe the gospel touches all areas of human life, and that God is reconciling all things to himself (Col. 1:15), including both our private world and our public life.

Second, we’re living in a cultural moment that desperately needs the gospel applied to areas of public life. Strategies to influence culture in the past 50 years have been too heavily focused on seeking political power. We believe a better strategy to influence public life is through work. Work is where we both “live in public” and where we do our “culture-making.”