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We help established and aspiring members of the internet gaming industry operate their businesses lawfully in the U.S. and around the globe. Whether you’re a casino in Nevada seeking to offer your local patrons internet poker or you’re looking for ways to create/monetize your online social or skill-based game, we’ve got you covered. 

Who We Are and How We’re Unique

Our team of internet gaming lawyers has unique experience and knowledge that sets us apart from our competitors.

Internet Gaming Regulation

We work with our clients and gaming regulators to influence how internet gaming regulations are drafted and adopted:

  • Our lawyers played a significant role in structuring and bringing about the enactment of Nevada’s internet poker framework. We continue to help our clients work with the Nevada Gaming Control Board to influence internet poker regulations in Nevada and beyond
  • We are routinely asked to testify on internet gaming issues before the United States Senate and the National Gambling Impact Study Commission
  • We have helped draft and develop the regulatory framework of gaming in Taiwan, the Philippines, Venezuela, Switzerland and elsewhere
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Thought Leadership

Our gaming attorneys are prolific writers and presenters on internet gaming topics:

  • Partner Karl Rutledge co-authored “A Practical Guide for Offering Online Contests and Promotions,” an educational guide for any company seeking to offer an online contest or promotion (Download a copy of the booklet here.)
  • Our attorneys frequently speak at major internet/interactive gaming conferences including the eGaming Review North America Summit, Gaming Law Minefield, and G2E
  • Our attorneys are recognized leaders in the academic field and regularly teach classes at such prestigious institutions as the International Gaming Institute, the William F. Harrah College of Administration, and the Macau Polytechnic Institute

Strong Relationships with U.S. and Foreign Gaming Regulators

We regularly meet with gaming regulators from states across the U.S. and countries around the world to discuss the regulation of internet gaming and cutting-edge technological developments.

International Reach

Our gaming attorneys work with clients to explore online gaming operations in jurisdictions across the U.S. and throughout the world, including Asia, Europe, and South America. We monitor national and international developments and can help our clients explore and capitalize on new opportunities through our own expertise and our worldwide network of gaming contacts—all in an effort to help our clients achieve their goals.

Internet Poker: How We Help You Do Business in Nevada and Elsewhere

Our gaming lawyers help businesses navigate regulatory pitfalls to successfully enter and compete in the online gaming industry both in Nevada and beyond. Our clients include casino owners/operators, manufacturers/distributors of gaming equipment, marketing affiliates, and other gaming service providers.

Legalization of Internet Poker in Nevada and Elsewhere

Our gaming lawyers played a significant role in legalizing internet poker in the state of Nevada. Representing the interests of several gaming clients, we advocated on their behalf before the Nevada Gaming Control Board, negotiated with state gaming regulators to reach agreements on key issues, and submitted comprehensive written comments and suggested edits to the proposed internet poker regulations. Even now that internet poker is legal in Nevada for certain businesses, our gaming lawyers continue to advocate for favorable modifications to the existing regulations. In addition, we maintain open communication with gaming regulators and industry stakeholders to advocate for the expansion of internet gaming.

Licensing Process

You must be licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission to operate internet poker lawfully in Nevada. We take you step-by-step through the entire licensing process—determining what kind of license you need, preparing and filing your application, and appearing with you before the Nevada Gaming Control Board and Commission.

Download our educational booklets that describe the licensing process in Nevada.

Licensing Agreements

We help marketing affiliates and operators create and negotiate licensing agreements.

Social/Skill-Based Games and Contests: How We Help Bring Your Ideas Online

Looking to monetize your game by bringing it online Hoping to promote your business by creating your own social game or licensing an existing game? Have an idea for a skill-based game you hope will make you millions? Want to run an online contest or sweepstakes to promote your company’s products or services?

Whether yours is a social game, casual game, skill-based game, online contest or internet sweepstakes, you’ve come to the right place. Our gaming lawyers help make sure your business is lawful so you can focus on running your business without attracting unwanted attention from gaming regulators. We also work closely with the firm’s skilled transactional and intellectual property attorneys to help ensure that your business is protected at every angle—from patents and trademarks to corporate structuring.

Business Analysis

To test the general viability of your online gaming business model, we start by analyzing it against federal gambling laws and general state gambling prohibitions. You’ll receive a report that catalogs our legal findings, flags potential issues, and assesses the overall strength of your Internet gaming business model. If this analysis reveals that your business model faces a heightened risk of illegality, our attorneys can work with you to transform your business idea into a lawful activity.

50-State Survey and Comprehensive Risk Analysis

If you’re serious about entering the Internet gaming world, a 50-state survey is a critical investment. In this comprehensive evaluation, we analyze your business model against the specific gambling laws and regulations of all 50 states. You then receive a comprehensive written report that analyzes the tests each state uses to determine the lawfulness of a gaming activity and assesses in detail how your business model holds up under scrutiny.

Access to Reasoned Legal Opinions

Do potential investors want assurance that their money is going into a viable, legal business? Are you having trouble getting a credit card processor to do business with you? Are advertisers nervous? Once we complete your 50-state survey, we can write reasoned legal opinion letters advocating on behalf of you and your online gaming business.

Ongoing Gaming Representation

Our gaming lawyers can provide you with quarterly updates on state gambling laws to help make sure you continue to operate lawfully in your chosen jurisdictions. As you develop ideas for new games, we help you assess the legality of your ideas. We also work with gaming regulators to help clients pursue new games and offerings such as bringing skill games into casinos.

Website Compliance Plans, Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies

Your online gaming website must have a compliance plan in place to prevent players in blocked jurisdictions from accessing your offerings. In addition, we also prepare the necessary website terms and conditions and privacy policies. Without these required elements, you’re exposing yourself to unnecessary legal risk.

Corporate Structuring and Contracts

Our lawyers work with you to set up a corporate structure that supports and benefits your particular online gaming business model. We also make sure you have business contracts in place to protect your interests.

Intellectual Property Contracts and Protection

We put you in touch with one of our skilled intellectual property lawyers to ensure your gaming assets are properly protected and defended.


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