A Practical Guide to Nevada Gaming Law for Institutional Investors

Over the past several decades, Nevada gaming law has permitted public companies, institutional investors and similar, other financial entities to invest in Nevada’s gaming properties without having to obtain a license or finding of suitability for each individual or investor. This long standing practice has enabled such unlicensed individuals to provide funds to Nevada licensees for the sole purpose of investment, while maintaining the requirement that those in control of a licensed location continue to be found suitable.

This booklet contains: 

A Practical Guide to Nevada Gaming Law for Institutional Investors      - Publicly Traded Companies 
      - Corporations, Limited Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies 
      - Who Qualifies as an Institutional Investor? 
      - What Are Investment Purposes? 
      - What Needs To Be Filed? 
      - What Type of Investigation Is Conducted? 
      - What Happens After the Investigation? 
      - How Much Does the Process Cost? 
      - How Long Does the Process Take? 
      - What Are the Typical Reasons an Application Might Be Denied? 

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