Lawyer Recruitment

Make Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie a Part of Your Future

Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie recruits nationally and is seeking diverse individuals who have strong personal commitment, not just to the law, but to all the pursuits that give their lives purpose and meaning. The strongest common thread among our lawyers and new recruits is a sense of purpose and an interest in making a real contribution to their firm and community.  

Our Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles summer programs are geared toward providing students with a realistic view of associate life. Our summer associates receive training in research and writing, ethics, advocacy, and effective communication. We also offer our summer associates a chance to participate in internal education programs and external opportunities such as depositions, hearings, meetings with clients, corporate closings, and trials. Finally, we teach our summer associates that work without balance and collegial interaction is not a productive way to practice law. Our social activities provide meaningful interactions with partners, associates and staff. In short, we run a summer program that is oriented to give you an honest perspective of what it means to be an attorney at Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie. 

Each of us at Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie has a slightly different reason for being here, just as we have different practices, lifestyles, and points of view. We are proud of our firm and look forward to telling you more about where we came from, why we are here, and why we stay. 

Our Shared Values Are the Firm's Foundation

At Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie, you will work with a team of attorneys whose passion for the law is matched by a passion for developing strong client relationships.

Our culture of teamwork, cooperation, and dedication enable us to deliver exceptional legal services, achieve superior results, and build longstanding client relationships. By putting the client first, we consistently create a better, more productive, and successful experience for clients…and for ourselves. We call our client-centric approach Experience Amplified – you can learn more about it here.

We attract and retain the highest caliber legal talent who share our values of integrity, respect, collaboration, accountability, and leadership. Our lawyers have extensive experience across a wide range of disciplines, from business transactions to intellectual property to complex litigation. Our firm culture is aimed at nurturing these qualities, and it encourages a congenial work environment balanced with a highly productive practice. The foundation of our success is, and will continue to be, the dedication of unparalleled attorneys and professional staff who demonstrate¬—through words and actions¬—that what matters most to their clients, matters most to them.

Although each Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie office has a slightly different composition and feel, we are united by a singular focus and commitment to providing our clients with exceptional legal counsel and a superior experience through a centralized, interdisciplinary approach to the practice of law. To meet this commitment, we not only encourage our lawyers to further their careers by expanding their current practices, but also to broaden their expertise in emerging industries and new areas of law to meet – and exceed – new and unexpected client demands.

Recognizing that diversity cannot be sustained without bedrock practices of fairness, the firm has a solid foundation of policies fostering a culture of inclusion in which all our lawyers feel empowered to be their authentic selves. These include a professional development program providing opportunities for mentoring, sponsorship, and skill development for all lawyers; a lawyer evaluation system using objective criteria to combat the effects of unconscious bias; and policies supporting the participation and inclusion of diverse lawyers in the life of the firm, including an affirmative action plan, policies supporting alternative work schedules, remote work, and domestic partner benefits. Support for the development of all lawyers begins from day one, with bridge program preparing summer associates for success in meeting the firm’s expectations, through a development mentoring program to help senior associates and junior partners define and reach their professional goals.

If you are ready to work in an environment where a commitment to quality, community, and clients is the keystone of success, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie is the right firm for you.

We Create a Clear and Supportive Path for Your Success.

Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie will support and nurture your legal career.  We offer associates who join us the breadth and depth of our practice areas, leading law firm experience, professional development and growth opportunities in a collegial, team-oriented work environment:

  • Entry-Level Associates:  Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie’s Summer Program is its primary recruitment source for entry-level associates -- we hire summer associates with the expectation that they will receive associate offers at the end of the summer.  Law students interested in joining Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie as new associates have the best chance of doing so by seeking a position in our summer program.
  • Judicial Clerks:  On a limited basis, the Firm encourages applications from current judicial clerks who are looking to begin private practice, provided that the judge for whom the candidate is clerking deems the timing of such application is appropriate.  Please discuss with your judge the appropriate time to interview with us and the judge’s policy on accepting offers of employment.  
  • Lateral Associates:  Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie seeks experienced associates in response to specific needs that arise from time to time in particular practice groups and offices.  We actively recruit highly-qualified, experienced lateral associates who began practice with other law firms and who are looking for a career change and a new professional home.  If you are a qualified practicing associate who has an outstanding record of academic achievement, an understanding of business practices and firm financials, and a unique perspective and diverse viewpoint, we want to hear from you.

We Believe Balance Between a Career and Home Benefits All Aspects of Life

There are other things in life besides the law.  Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie lawyers have sophisticated practices without sacrificing everything else. We expect you to spend time with your family and friends. We expect you to pursue and expand your hobbies and interests. We understand that good lawyers are healthy, well-balanced people first. At Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie, our policies reflect a commitment to balancing hard work and quality of life.

We encourage our lawyers to take active roles in the community and the Bar, and we support their efforts to do so. Our lawyers are dedicated to a variety of charitable, pro bono, and community activities and serve on many non-profit, bar association, and minority bar boards and committees. To name just a few examples, our lawyers have served and held leadership roles with the American College of Trial Lawyers, the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers, the Super Bowl Host Committee, Ballet Arizona, Nevada Opera, SafeHouse Denver, and the Boys and Girls Club.