Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie will reimburse reasonable travel expenses incurred during a call-back or full-round of interviews.  We do not reimburse candidates for initial or prescreening interviews.

Travel Arrangements:  When you are invited to schedule your full-round of interviews, we will provide you with instructions about how to make your travel reservations.  We ask you to make your travel arrangements as early as possible so you may take advantage of the best rates.

Hotel Accommodations:  Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie has direct billing with several area hotels, and we cover the charges for your room and tax, and any charges for internet connection.  All other expenses are considered out-of-pocket and cannot be direct billed to the firm; however, we will reimburse certain out-of-pocket expenses, as described below.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses:  You will be reimbursed for reasonable travel-related expenses.  Out-of-pocket expenses include the cost of ground transportation (Uber/Lyft/taxis) to the airport/office/hotel/next interview location and parking fees. Please submit all receipts and an itemized list of expenses.  For your convenience, you may use the NALP form found at:   Also, please provide the names of other law firms, if any, you also visit on your trip so we may share your travel-related expenses.

Expenses Not Covered:  The following items are not considered reasonable travel-related expenses:  movie rentals, spa or workout facilities, long-distant calls, mini-bar items, dry-cleaning, limousine services, meals and drinks for additional people.  Rental car costs are generally not covered, unless agreed-upon in advance with our Lawyer Recruitment Department.  

If you anticipate expenditures not provided for in this list, please contact our Lawyer Recruitment Department in advance.

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